Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

If you need a pen that you can not only use for calligraphy or hand-lettering but also for painting or illustrations, you need a brush pen.

These versatile pens are multi-functional, and if you need one, you must get the best one available in the market.

This article provides a review of the Tombow ABT Dual brush pens, one of the finest brush pens you may find in the market. Continue reading if you want to learn more about these wondrous pens and the many ways you can make them.

The Tombow ABT dual brush pen features

The Tombow ABT brush pens are a series of pens with dual tips. These are water-based colored markers used commonly for artistic creations, illustration, and hand-lettering. Here is how you can use the two tips of the brush pen.

  • The first tip is a fine tip, like a fine chisel. It is used to draw neat and accurate lines.
  • The other tip is used as a brush as it is thick, resilient, and flexible. You can use it to make brush strokes.

The length of the tombow brush pen is 19 cm. Kawaii features 15 different beautiful color variations of these pens. Some colors include carnation pink, asparagus green, peacock blue, periwinkle, sky blue, etc.

You can use these colors as watercolors and even mix them together to form unique colors as they are easily blendable. The pens have vibrant colors and are odor-free. They are also devoid of toxins and are acid-free. Hence they are safe for use by children.

These pens provide the best results on non-textured, smooth paper. Whether you want to draw comics, make beautiful illustrations, sketch, do hand-lettering or make beautifully creative scrapbooks, you can rely on the Tombow ABT dual brush pens for the desired output.

If You Are A True Calligrapher And An Artist, The Tombow Brush Pens Are For You!

The tombow brush pen is probably something you’ve heard of. They are very adaptable, a high-quality pen that has quickly established itself as a genuine classic in the calligraphy world.

But what is it about these pens that that many people adore? And that’s exactly what we’re going to attempt to address in this article today!

Tombow Brush Pen Specifics:

When it comes to Tombow Dual Brush Pens, there are many things to like about them. Let us go through some of the most notable characteristics of these pens:

Two in One Functionality:

The pen has a flexible paintbrush tip on one side and a hard fine tip on the other, which may add tiny details to your work, make minor changes, write, and draw.

Variety of Colors:

Second, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens are available in various colors to choose from. To be exact, there are 96 distinct colors! Furthermore, they are constantly releasing new palettes.

Easy to Carry:

Given that these pens are of standard size, you can keep and take them about with you with no problem at all. This means that you can carry them about with you everywhere you go and squeeze in as much calligraphy practice as possible. They are perfectly sized for your hand. 


The Tombow Dual Brush Pens may be used to combine colors and create unique and eye-catching patterns.

You could mix colors right on the brush tip, although this may seem intimidating. It doesn’t matter what color you use with these brush pens; they will always revert to their original color.


One of our favorite aspects of these pens is that they are so smooth. They have a buttery writing style! With Tombow dual pens, you’ll be able to achieve beautiful thin upstrokes and flawless down strokes.

The Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen

If you want an effective tool for calligraphy or hand-lettering, brush pens are a good option. These brush pens are also quite suitable for paintings or enhancing your illustrations if you use a brush pen with the right ink type. Certain brush pens come with a fine tip at one end and a brush tip at the other. The Tombow ABT dual brush pen is one such pen.

Tombow brush pen is popular worldwide due to its superior quality and multiple functions. These pens are designed to provide a quality and consistent output and blend in very well.

Durability is another forte intended to make these pens stay intact for a long time, and the tip easily bounces back; unlike other brush pens, you do not face the problem of the tip fraying at the edges. The quality and features of these pens are the reason for their popularity and widespread use, particularly among the influencers and artist community.

Let’s look at the various features of the Tombow ABT dual brush pens

Features of the dual brush pens

As the name implies, the brush pen is equipped with dual tips. There is a fine tip on one end that enables drawing meticulous lines, while the second thicker tip is generally is flexible and can be used as a brush.

The brush pens come in 15 different vibrant color variants that you can use as watercolors. You can even mix the colors to form unique shades.

Using the dual brush pens

The ABT dual brush pens are quite apt for calligraphy and hand-lettering. Artists and cartoonists can use them for illustration and sketching. The variety of colors and the fact that you can mix them easily, make them very suitable for various kinds of activities. The brush pens are non-toxic and odorless, so kids can use them too. These brushes are very popular among cartoonists, artists, and individuals who like hand-lettering.

Tombow Brush Pens

The Tombow brush pens are popular worldwide for their multi-functionality and quality. The brush pen colors give consistent shades and blend in easily. The brushes are also quite durable as the tip bounces back and does not fray at the corners like other brush pens.

Whether you are looking for pens for calligraphy, sketching or hand-lettering, the Tombow brush pens work quite nicely. It is why you may have seen many influencers using these brushes in various tutorial videos.

Kawaii features a wide range of Tombow brush pens and sets. Some are listed below.

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

The Tombow ABT brushes have dual tips.

  • Fine tip which is used for drawing precise lines
  • Thicker tip is used as a brush.

These brushes are very popular among cartoonists, artists and individuals who like hand-lettering.

The brush pen ink is water-based, odorless, and non-toxic. You can mix two colors to use them as water colors. Available in a variety of colors, the ABT dual pens are perfect for drawing, illustrating and sketching. Whether it is comic books or scrapbooks, these pens are perfect. 

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen 

Another variety of the Tombow brush pen is the Fudenosuke brush pen. You can use them for calligraphy and lettering, particularly for writing Japanese and Chinese characters.

The pens have waterproof and pigment-based ink. Moreover, the elastomer pen tip enables you to control the brush output and draw accurate strokes and lines.

In addition to black color, these pens are available in black, grey, brown, pink, purple, cobalt blue, light green, yellow, orange, red etc.

In addition to these, you may also find the Fudenosuke brush pens in hard and soft tips, commonly used for lettering. While the hard tip is suited for beginners as it allows more control, the soft tip is suited for the experts as it has an easy give and a darker pigment.

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

Artists, cartoonists, and fans of hand lettering worldwide enjoy Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens. These tombow brush pen offer serious diversity for drawings, illustrations, and manga. What sets Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens apart from other pens is that they’re made by the world’s best pen manufacturer. This brand has created a new line of writing instruments for artists and illustrators.

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens have a brush tip on one side and a fine tip on the other to give you versatility with both thick and thin lines. The versatile nature of these pens lets artists create anything from thick lines to detailed shading without switching pens.

The brush pen has a flexible nylon head to draw thick lines with less effort. The fine tip works well to create thin lines and dots. Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens come in black and color options, including pastels.

Watercolors can be made by mixing these water-based colors. They’re ideal for illustrating, making comics, sketching, scrapbooking and a variety of other projects. These pens have no odor, are acid-free, and are non-toxic.

Let’s look at some of why Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens are so popular among artists.

  • Most importantly, perhaps, they are water-based and water-resistant.
  • There’s a fine tip and a brush tip on each pen, allowing you to easily create thick and thin lines.
  • This also saves money since the pens aren’t disposable like markers or gel pens.
  • Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens are great for both beginners and advanced artists.
  • Their water-based ink makes them an ideal choice for artists working with kids. The pens come in both black and 16 color options, including pastels, black, sky blue, mint, purple sage, pale yellow, sea blue, peacock blue, orchid, periwinkle, carnation pink, coral, light ochre, blush pink, and asparagus green.

The Tombow Brush Pens

The Tombow brush pen stand out among the rest for their super-fine quality. They are highly popular for bullet journaling, and you might have seen influencers in the field using them for tutorial videos. The colours blend easily and give consistent shades. Moreover, the tip of the brush bounces back and does not get frayed at the edges. So if you are fond of hand lettering and calligraphy, these brush pens are the ones to buy.

Kawaii is offering a range of Tombow brush pens and sets. Let’s have a look.

Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen

The Fudenosuke brush pen range by Tombow is ideal for calligraphy and lettering. They can also be used for writing Japanese or Chinese characters. The elastomer pen tip and the pigment-based ink allow control and enable you to draw accurate lines and strokes.

Kawaii offers the following range of Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens

Fudenosuke brush pen- set of 10:

The coloured set contains black, grey, brown, pink, purple, cobalt blue, light green, yellow, orange and, red. 

Fudenosuke brush pen- hard/soft tip:

These are fine tip, black-inked Japanese brush pens available in two different tips; hard and soft. Lettering artists commonly use brush pens, and the choice of tips can depend on the expertise level of the artist.

The hard tip is ideally suited for beginners because it can be controlled easily and gives distinctive writing. Alternatively, expert lettering artists can use the soft tip as they can handle the easy give of the soft tip. As the tip is softer, the pigment is comparatively darker.

Fudenosuke brush pen- twin tip:

It has dual brush tips in grey and black water-based ink. It is great for calligraphy and writing. The brush pressure can be varied to make different kinds of strokes.

Tombow ABT

The Tombow ABT series has dual brush tips, a fine tip for drawing precise lines and a thicker tip that works like a brush. The ink is water-based, and the colours can be mixed. These pens can be used for drawing, illustrating and sketching and are thus perfect for comic books and scrapbooks.

Kawaii has the following range of Tombow ABT dual brush pens

  • Tombow ABT dual brush pens; Nordic colours (set of 6)
  • Tombow ABT dual brush pens; Botanical colours (set of 6)
  • Tombow ABT dual brush pens; natural colours (set of 6)
  • Dual brush pens in 12 new colours, including lemon-lime, pink punch, and jet blue.
  • Individual ABT dual brush pens in black and assorted colours

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow dual brush pens are quite popular amongst cartoonists, artists, and hand lettering lovers all around the globe. This acid-free and non-toxic brush is nineteen centimeters long. It is available in several colors, including sky blue, purple sage, pale yellow, mint, sea blue orchid, black, colorless blender, blush pink, light ochre, and coral.

Tombow dual brush pen contains two tips. The main tip is usually used while drawing the exact line. This one is thinner and smoother compared to the other tip. The second tip of the Tombow dual brush pen is more flexible and thicker like a brush. These dual brush pens are long-lasting and smooth. You can use brush pressure to create bold or medium strokes that work great on black surfaces or other textured surfaces. If you are painting, you can also mix these water-based colors together and use them as watercolors.

These dual brush pens are a perfect gift for artists and painters. You can use them for sketching, scrapbooking, drawing comics, illustrating, and many more. These pens feature a flexible, resilient nylon tip on one end and a chisel, fine tip on the other end. Both tips are made of high-quality polyester. Plus, its ink is odorless, non-bleeding, and water-based.

The ink flow of this pen is consistent, and it gives you the option to alternate between a hard tip for consistent brushing and a soft tip for smooth lettering. The Tombow dual brush pens are probably the most inexpensive and unique dual pens available out there. This pen can cost up to $4, which is an inexpensive option for those who are seeking to improve their lettering and drawing skills and require a high-quality pen into their arsenal.

To read more information about tombow brush pen, come visit our site.

A Tombow Brush Pen Is A Fun Pen

The Tombow Brush Pen Is Fun For All

Those who love to draw will appreciate all that they can do with the tombow brush pen. It works as a watercolor option and they can play around with it to get just the look they want when drawing. It is also great for writing, and those who enjoy doing fancy calligraphy will enjoy this type of pen. It can be used for card making, scrapbooking, art work, and so much more.

This Pen Has Two Tips For The Perfect Experience

One of the nice things about this pen is that it doesn’t just have the brush tip, which is good for many things but doesn’t give a precise line, but it also has a smaller tip on the other end. That way, it is easy for those using it to create the image or lettering they want. They can use the small tip for all the little details that otherwise would be left undone.

The Tombow Brush Pen Comes In A Variety Of Colors

It is fun to pick the colors to use for any kind of art or calligraphy work, and those who want to get these Tombow brush pens will enjoy choosing the colors they want. The pens come in a variety of colors from light pink to several shades of blue. They can get as many of the pens as they want so that they can have a lot of fun while using them and create the most beautiful things with them.

A Review of Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

The tombow brush pen are a great set of pens for multi-purpose use. These are pens with two tips at both ends for versatile use. The pens feature a fine tip and a thicker tip for multiple uses. These are suitable pens for hand lettering lovers across the globe. They are also a great choice for cartoonists and artists. The pens are unique and stand out from the normal pens that use daily. 

Features of the Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens 

The dual tip design is the main feature that makes the pens stand out. These pens feature two tips at both ends. One side features a fine tip that is ideal for drawing clean and smooth lines. The fine tip side is ideal when you want to draw exact lines. The second side features a thicker tip which is more like a flexible brush. It is mainly used when drawing thicker lines or highlighting details. This is a unique feature that gives people multiple uses in a single pen. 

In addition, the pens feature water-based colors which are safe and non-toxic. You can mix both colors use them as watercolors. It is another excellent feature that makes artists and cartoonists perfect their creativity. The pens are suitable for illustrating scrapbooks, drawing comics, and sketching. They are odorless, acid-free, and non-toxic for safe and effective use. These pens can be used around kids and adults without any worries. 

Overall, these are quality dual brush pens with a slim design for portability. The pens measure 19cm long and feature caps on both sides to protect the tips. 

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