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Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow dual brush pens are quite popular amongst cartoonists, artists, and hand lettering lovers all around the globe. This acid-free and non-toxic brush is nineteen centimeters long. It is available in several colors, including sky blue, purple sage, pale yellow, mint, sea blue orchid, black, colorless blender, blush pink, light ochre, and coral.

Tombow dual brush pen contains two tips. The main tip is usually used while drawing the exact line. This one is thinner and smoother compared to the other tip. The second tip of the Tombow dual brush pen is more flexible and thicker like a brush. These dual brush pens are long-lasting and smooth. You can use brush pressure to create bold or medium strokes that work great on black surfaces or other textured surfaces. If you are painting, you can also mix these water-based colors together and use them as watercolors.

These dual brush pens are a perfect gift for artists and painters. You can use them for sketching, scrapbooking, drawing comics, illustrating, and many more. These pens feature a flexible, resilient nylon tip on one end and a chisel, fine tip on the other end. Both tips are made of high-quality polyester. Plus, its ink is odorless, non-bleeding, and water-based.

The ink flow of this pen is consistent, and it gives you the option to alternate between a hard tip for consistent brushing and a soft tip for smooth lettering. The Tombow dual brush pens are probably the most inexpensive and unique dual pens available out there. This pen can cost up to $4, which is an inexpensive option for those who are seeking to improve their lettering and drawing skills and require a high-quality pen into their arsenal.

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